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an all-on-4 dental implant model showing a full arch restoration
The Four Types Of Dental Implant Restorations
A dentist in Bethpage, NY may recommend dental implants if a patient is experiencing missing, crooked, or damaged teeth. There are four types of dental...
a dental implant surgery patient smiling after successfully getting dental implants
When Is Dental Implant Surgery Needed?
Dealing with a less than stellar smile can certainly be a drag and impact a person’s daily quality of life. Fortunately, a dentist in Roslyn,...
a dental implant patient having anxiety about an upcoming procedure
How Sedation Dentistry Can Improve Your Dental Experience
Questions About Sedation Dentistry? Are you anxious about an upcoming dental procedure? You are not alone. Up to 30% of people express anxiety and concerns...
a dental patient smiling after dental implant surgery with sedation
Is It Time to Consider Sedation Dentistry?
Does visiting the dentist make you fearful? Do you have a low pain tolerance and feel anxious when you think about common dental procedures that...
a dental assistant showing a dental implant model to a patient
What Is The Recovery Time For Dental Implants?
Interested in getting a brand-new smile? Then dental implants may be a great option for you. Dental implants are a great way to achieve a...
a dental implant bone cutaway model showing a single post dental implant
What Is Osseointegration When It Comes To Dental Implants?
There is no denying that dental implants are a phenomenal and amazing way to achieve a great new smile. The process is quite simple and...
Here’s How to Use Dental Floss For the Best Results
There are right ways and wrong ways to execute certain tasks. Using dental floss is one of those tasks. At the office of Gitlin Dental...
Fun Tidbits About Teeth!
Everyone knows about teeth, but does everyone know all there is to know about teeth? No way! One reason is that there are so many...
Take These Actions to Avoid Bleeding Gums
Your gums play an essential role in the wellbeing of your teeth and overall oral healthcare. Strong gums hold each tooth in place, protect the...

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